How we changed each other’s lives :)

When I first saw Aarabhi, I was fascinated by her. She was the perfect girl. Tall, fair, good looking, good at school stuff and she was an amazing dancer and singer. At first, I was scared to even say ‘hi’ to her, cause she was so good. As you already know that we were on the same bus, you certainly don’t know I did not have the courage to go and sit next to her. But as time passed, I gathered up the courage to go up to her and say hi. And I guess it was my luck or something cause this hi changed my whole life. She was so sweet. And when we started talking it was like we knew each other for our whole lives or something because we got along pretty well. From that day on, we sat together every day, I was incomplete without her ♥ We did everything together – we made stories, we learned, we discussed school, solved each other’s problems and did loads of crazy stuff together!! She’s changed so many things about my life. She’s changed the way I see things, she’s taught me to view the other person’s perspective and she’s taught me two of my most important qualities – always fight for yourself and fight for the ones you love, never betray them!

“Sometimes you just meet a person and you just click- You’re comfortable with them, like you’ve known them your whole life”♥♥

This describes us perfectly!!

That’s her side of the story, Now for mine …..

Well to start off with, on the first day of school, when I saw Amishi I felt like I needed to talk to her because she was like me. Sometimes when you look at some people, you know you are meant to be together and that’s what I felt with Amishi. Her attitude towards things and everything about her made me feel she was a positive person and that I needed her. After we became friends (sorta, it was just sitting on the bus together then 😜) I realised she had changed me to think positive all the time!! I Really love the way we have grown from being just bus mates to the closest friends ever! We have had ups and downs but that’s all part of a great friendship and that’s what has strengthened our bond. And as she said that hi just changed everything for us!

And I am so glad it happened for otherwise, I wouldn’t be the person I am today 💕


“We laugh at the dumbest jokes, put up with each others  worst moods , go along with the craziest ideas . That’s what makes us the most amazing best friends ” 💝



Two girls one dream – How this started :)


This is us. Amishi and Aarabhi ❤️

We were just two girls busy leading our own lives when God decided that we needed to meet! Two little fifth graders, not in the same class but in the same bus !! That’s how it all started. We immediately hit off just like that! And that happened only because we shared the same thinking and views about things . It’s been a beautiful journey with each other. We have fought. We have cried . And we have Smiled a lot more 💝 She is my best friend . She has changed the way I look at some things ! She has taught me a lot more than words can express . She taught me to be faithful and most importantly to BELIEVE . It’s been a long but beautiful journey and I Look forward to more such great years and moments to cherish with you ❤️ And here we are – happier than ever, sending each other the ugliest pictures ever😁